FemtoFiber ASOPS

Advanced laser system for ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopy with kHz scanning rates

  • All electronic pump-probe delay with <100 fs timing jitter
  • Compatible with all fiber lasers from TOPTICA
  • Flexible scanning window up to 100 ns using pulse picking
  • Degenerate pump-probe spectroscopy
  • Extremely stable, compact, flexible, and turn-key

FemtoFiber ASOPS is a true game changer for ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopy! The unique combination of TOPTICAs fiber laser technology and the high-end ASOPS electronics from Laser Quantum, really pushes the limits in terms of detection speed and sensitivity. TheASOPS engine serves as a seeder for our entire fiber laser portfolio, which allows you to select the perfect laser combination for your ultrafast applications. The all-fiber design makes this advanced laser solution truly turn-key and easy-to-use, allowing you to focus on thing that matter -  your research!