FemtoFiber Metabolic Imaging

Laser system for two-photon fluorescence lifetime imaging of NADH and FAD

  • Simultaneous two-color emission for direct excitation of NADH and FAD
  • Output 1: 780 nm, fixed and Output 2: 820 .. 960 nm, tunable
  • Straighforward synchronization to TCSPC electronics
  • Power modulation / beam blanking for Output 1 and 2 (optional)
  • Simple, turn-key, and compact solution

To reliably perform metabolic imaging of biological tissue simultaneous acquisition of fluorescence lifetime images of NADH and FAD is required. In collaboration with Becker & Hickl TOPTICA has developed the FemtoFiber Metabolic Imaging laser system which allows for a straightforward acquisition of the NADH and FAD fluorescence quasi-simultaneously. The unique laser design offers a fixed-frequency output at 780 nm and a tunable output from 820 - 960 nm that can directly be synchronized to the TCSPC electronics. Each laser output can be independently controlled via an integrated AOM to enable laser multiplexing. The fully air-cooled, turn-key, and compact design makes this fiber laser system the perfect tool for 2P-FLIM.