FemtoFiber ultra 1050

Femtosecond fiber laser for two-photon microscopy and semiconductor metrology

In 2-photon microscopy, peak-power is brightness! If you care for the best image brightness, you need short pulses, high power, and a clean temporal pulse shape.
With more than sufficient output power, clean temporal pulse shape and extremely short pulses, the FemtoFiber ultra 1050 features the highest peak power available on the market and enables unmatched image brightness in 2-photon microscopy.
Turn-key and intuitive operation, fully-integrated dispersion compensation to ensure shortest pulses at the sample, and optional power control for beam-blanking & power modulation make the system extremely user-friendly and allow you to focus on your research!

The FemtoFiber ultra 1050 at an output wavelength at 1050 is ideally suited for the two-photon excitation of common fluorophores like mCherry, Propidium Iodide, tdTomato, eYFP, DsRed, mRFP or mOrange.