HighFinesse Precision Current Sources

Ultra-Low Current Noise for Quantum Technologies

  • Current stability and reproducibility on the ppm level
  • Adjustable response time 50 µs – 100 ms
  • Analog, digital, and manual current control
  • Up to 200 A and up to 40 V

HighFinesse Precision Current Sources have been developed for experiments and quantum technologies in the areas of cold-atom and solid state physics. The linearly regulated BCS (Bipolar Current Source) and UCS (Unipolar Current Source) series deliver highly stable currents on the ppm level for high precision magnetic field control.

The current output is floating or is on a user defined potential. Ultrafast response to control signals and trigger functions, clear grounding, connection and signal isolation schemes make the integration of the current sources into complex experimental systems easy. Sources with maximum currents up to 200 A and voltages up to 40 V with adjustable response time 50 µs – 100 ms and analog, digital, and manual current control are available.