Effective Locking Bandwidth of 200 MHz

Advantage of CERO-technology vs. f-2f interferometer comb

  • DFG is taken for each pulse individually (intra-pulse DFG)
  • All-optical phase-lock
  • Not limited by bandwidth of electronic feedback
  • Two orders of magnitude faster than any other fCEO lock
  • Simpler, no feedback loop involved
  • More reliable

Each laser pulse is travelling through the amplifier chain, non-linear fiber and DFG unit individually. This means each pulse is broadened to a super continuum individually and the Difference Frequency is taken from the edges of the spectrum of a single pulse. This means fCEO is canceled for each pulse individually. The fCEO stabilization has therefore an effective locking bandwidth of the repetition rate (200 MHz), two orders of magnitude faster than any other method.

This is why the DFC CORE + has an unrivaled ultra low Carrier-Envelope Phase Noise CEP.