Inspection for Process Optimization

Tolerance measurement with diode lasers for quality and process control

Any production line of optical media requires inspection tools in order to maintain high quality standards. Shape and depth of structures have to meet strict tolerances, but time for inspection is often limited. To solve this dilemma, quality assurance relies on laser based diffraction measurements to analyze geometric profiles quickly and accurately. 

TOPTICA's offer

A crucial feature for inspection lasers is beam quality. The calculated diffraction pattern is based on the assumption of a perfect beam, so why compromise by using mediocre lasers? TOPTICA offers lasers of diffraction-limited beam quality to provide you with the best option available. Another relevant factor is beam pointing stability. No matter when you measure, the result has to be reproducible. You would not really want to guess whether the discrepancy between measurement and objective is caused by the object to be measured or possibly the laser. 

Mass production doesn't tolerate unexpected "system down" situations. Violet diode modules, for example, last more than 10.000 hours and do not require significant warm-up times. TOPTICA's modules even predict the end of life of the integrated diode and give you the chance to arrange for the exchange during standard downtimes without wasting precious time.

Last not least, convenient computer control is a must for integration into inspection systems. TOPTICA's lasers features state-of-the-art interfaces to allow for easy monitoring, control and remote operation.