FALC pro

Digitally controlled fast laser locking module

No compromise: Fast and Convenient

  • PI³D² regulator
  • 10 ns delay
  • Remote locking

The FALC pro is one of the latest locking modules of TOPTICA. Its high speed regulator allows to address even the most demanding applications, including laser driving ultra-narrow transitions utilized in optical clocks (clock transitions) or quantum computer (optical q-bits). This regulator is combined with a convenient user interface, which allows optimize the feedback parameters with ease. The digital control interface of the analog regulator also enables full remote operation.

Typical applications of this locking modules include linewidth narrowing of a laser using external reference cavities, e.g. in Pound-Drever-Hall locks (in combination with PDH/DLC pro), locking any DLC pro controlled TDLS laser to a frequency comb, or phase locking one TDLS laser to another.

The combination of the FALC pro with the DLC pro Lock increases the convenience even more because Click & Lock as well as ReLock mechanisms are easy to setup.

The FALC pro not only promises the best performance but also a lot of fun in setting up the feedback to reach the narrowest linewidths, the lowest phase noise, the longest coherence times, … or just a very good high-speed lock.