Durable deep-UV output power

  • Novel SHG resonator design for the deep-UV spectral range
  • 10-fold power gain over standard design (typ.)
  • Optimized for lowest UV-induced degradation
  • Crystal shifter included

SUV is TOPTICA’s solution to the well-known problem of output power degradation of deep-UV (DUV) laser sources. A multitude of mechanisms leads to stringent limits in output powers whenever the DUV wavelength regime is reached. At the same time, industry applications require turn-key UV lasers like the TopWave 266. With SUV, the same industry-style performance is available for the scientific market and Quantum Technologies.

SUV stands for the development of a groundbreaking new resonator design. The UV optics are contained in a sealed volume. All components are carefully chosen and optimized for DUV wavelength operation. The NLO crystal mounting includes a shifting mechanism, multiplying its lifetime. This allows for longterm stable output powers, and power specifications reaching an order of magnitude above conventional designs.

By combining SUV with the AutoAlign automatic alignment functionality and DLC pro’s PowerLock feature, push-button optimization and stabilization are readily available, saving valuable experimenter’s time and attentiveness. Longterm-stable, highly specialized scientific UV lasers are now operated in a true industry-style, hands-off way!

SUV is available for the TA-FHG pro system, and in UV-RGB solutions.

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