High power single-frequency CW Raman Fiber Amplifier

  • High power up to 30 W
  • Available at wavelengths between 1120 and 1370 nm
  • Wide tuning range of up to 10 nm
  • High reliability and maintenance-free platform design

Our new highly reliable Raman fiber amplifiers (RFA) are based on patented technology. With their high power of up to 30W the amplifiers cover the wavelength range from 1120 to 1370 nm that is not accessible by Yb or Er fiber amplifiers. For wavelengths outside this range please enquire for a custom system. The RFA is designed using TOPTICA’s high quality engineering excellence and utilizing a stable European & North American supply chain. The all fiber design requires no re-alignment and provides a high degree of stability. The RFA offers a wide tuning range of up to 10nm, a relative intensity noise <1% RMS (10 Hz- 10 MHz) and excellent long term RMS power stability of less than 0.5 % over 100 hours (with a TA pro seed laser).

The RFA is utilising the proven and stable DL pro or TA pro as a seed laser, enabling a seamless integration into the TOPTICA environment of for example wavelength stabilization options. Utilizing a third party seed laser of your choice is possible. Please inquire for requirements.

To reach visible and UV wavelengths the RFA can be integrated with TOPTICA 's SHG & FHG portfolio of frequency doubling and quadrupling systems. With these, high power in the visible wavelengths (for example more than 15W at 589nm) can be achieved while maintaining tunability over the entire RFA tuning range. For UV wavelengths the RFAs can be combined with FHG systems, drawing on TOPTICA’s extensive experience of custom (D)UV systems, while also maintaining the full tunability.

The system consists of two modules:

  • The Fiber Pump Module: Providing pump light for the RFA module.
  • The Raman Fiber Amplifier Module: High power amplifier module with inputs from the pump module and the seed laser.
  • Specification

    Almost all wavelengths in the range 1120 .. 1370 nm are addressable
    Example systems    
    Center wavelength [nm] 1160 1207 1292 1370
    Output power [W] 30 > 25 > 15 > 8
    Coarse Tuning range [nm] ± 5 ± 5 ± 5 ± 5
    RMS power stability 0.5% over 100 hours
    Intensity noise <1% RIN RMS 10 Hz – 10 MHz
    Polarisation linear, PER >20 dB
    Linewidth (5 µs) <100 kHz (dependent on seed laser)
    Continuous scan range dependent on seed laser: >20 GHz with DL pro seed; up to 10nm with CTL seed
    Output collimated
    Dimensions 2 x 19’’ 3U


    Example frequency converted systems RFA + SHG* RFA + FHG**
    Central wavelength [nm] 671 589 318 308 302
    Output power [W] > 4 > 15 > 3 > 2 > 1
    Coarse Tuning range [nm] ± 1 ± 1 ± 1,5 ± 1 ± 1
    Typical linewidth (5 µs) 100 .. 300 kHz 200 .. 500 kHz

    *SHG: Second harmonic generation
    **FHG: Fourth harmonic generation
    See Frequency-Converted Lasers for further SHG & FHG details and wavelengths



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