Modular Opto-Mechanics Breadboard Unit

  • Designed for integration of custom optics, mechanics and electronics
  • Highly stable breadboard built by low-strain, flat-surface and 19.5-mm thick aluminum
  • Passive vibration isolation decoupling opto-mechanical breadboard and rack
  • Full-extension pull-out mechanism and dynamic cable management for easy access and service

TOPTICA’s Laser Rack Systems have been designed for clearing optical tables and for more economical use of valuable lab space. For many applications, dedicated optics, mechanics or electronics are an integral part of the complete system solution. The MOM offers space to researchers and system integrators according to their specific needs.

The passively vibration-isolated breadboard provides the advantages known from optical tables, but in a 19” form factor optimized for rack integration. Therefore, it represents the ideal supplement for TOPTICA’s Modular Laser Systems like MDL pro, MTA pro, MSHG pro and MDFC. T-RACK integration of these laser systems together with one or a few MOMs typically allows researchers and system integrators to save a fully equipped optical table.

The MOM is equipped with a full-extension pull-out mechanism and dynamic cable management both ensuring easy access to the custom optics. Its standard variant consumes 4 Rack Units (RU)n height. On request, it is available in other vertical dimensions, too.