Applications for Terahertz Sensing

Unique properties & a multitude of applications

Not long ago, the terahertz frequency range was considered the final frontier of the electromagnetic spectrum. The main reason was the difficulty in generating intense, directional terahertz radiation. During the past few years, optoelectronic approaches based on modern laser technologies, as well as high-power electronic emitters, have helped to bridge the “terahertz gap”. This has opened up a wealth of applications, taking advantage of the fact that materials like synthetics, textiles, paper and cardboard are transparent to terahertz waves. In addition, many gases and organic solids – including toxic or explosive substances – show absorption lines at frequencies between 0.1 and 5 THz.

Many applications of terahertz radiation are thus related either to imaging or to terahertz spectroscopy. TOPTICA has been working with leading researchers in the terahertz arena from day one and is now able to serve scientists and engineers working with the two most important optoelectronic approaches – pulsed and continuous-wave (cw) terahertz generation. We are proud to support the exciting, ever-growing field of terahertz technologies.