PFD pro

Offset phase locking made easy

  • Broad range of offset frequencies 5 MHz .. 10 GHz
  • Support of frequency scans and jumps
  • User friendly remote control
  • Designed to cooperate with FALC pro

TOPTICA’s brand new PFD pro is a broadband phase and frequency detector which generates an error signal from the phase and frequency difference between two lasers. It offers user friendly integration with TOPTICA lasers, control electronics and software. PFD pro enables a complete solution in which two lasers are phase locked to each other with an offset frequency which can easily be ramped or changed.

Typical applications include the phase lock of an optical frequency comb to a continuous wave reference laser, phase locks of lasers to an optical frequency comb, phase locks between two single frequency lasers with large frequency offsets, frequency ramps and jumps for laser cooling sequences, frequency scans for spectroscopy or the de-drifting of ultra-narrowband cavity-stabilized lasers.

The combination of the PFD pro and the FALC pro results in powerful lock solutions with outstanding relative phase and frequency stability at a maximum convenience. Check it out!

  • Specification

      PFD pro PFD pro HF
    Input and output
    Input signal Photo diode signal from the beat between two lasers
    Output signal Phase Locked Loop (PLL) requires PID controller like FALC pro as a loop filter
    Low frequency port
    Offset frequency range 5 MHz – 200 MHz
    Frequency range for continuous scans 10 MHz
    Frequency range for jumps 100 MHz
    High frequency port
    Offset frequency range Not available 200 MHz – 10 GHz
    Range for continuous frequency scans Not available 1 GHz
    Range for frequency jumps Not available 1 GHz
    Additional Functions
    Integrated scan generator Triangular scan with a maximum scan rate of 1 kHz
    External scan generator Triangular scan with a maximum scan rate of 1 kHz via dedicated digital input channel
    Frequency jumps Frequency jumps between up to 4 pre-defined frequencies (external signal generator required)
    Settle time (90% of target frequency value, for electrical error signal generation): 10 µs
    Integrated counter For monitoring of beat frequency, reference signal and intermediate frequency signal
    Resolution: 1 Hz (integration time of 2 s)
    Control software Parameter settings, activation and operation via DLC pro or via
    Difference Frequency Comb software
    Remote control Remote control via TCP/IP PC-GUI or command interface, support of remote click & lock of offset lock using DLC PRO LOCK
    Configuration options Support of up to 4 PFD pro and 4 FALC pro together with 4x DL pro or 2x TA pro laser systems from a single DLC pro
    Mounting options Table-top or rack-mountable into TOPTICA‘s 19“ T-RACK
    Electrical power requirement 15 or 24 V
    Size 54.2 x 105 x 200 mm3 (H x W x D) without mounting brackets


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