FemtoFErb 1560

Compact Er fiber laser

  • 50 fs – 140 mW – 100 MHz (typical)
  • SAM mode-locking technology
  • Alignment-free all-fiber setup, use of PM fibers only
  • Compact design: optics and electronics just in one box
  • Ideal laser source for time-domain THz applications

The FemtoFErb laser systems are very robust all fiber-based femtosecond laser systems with excellent amplitude and frequency jitter parameters. Applications benefiting from the most stable, compact and cost-effective FemtoFErb laser solutions are e.g. Terahertz or metrology systems. The FemtoFErb unites laser optics and driving electronics in one box, needing only 12V external power supply and therefore represents an ideal fiber-pigtailed laser source for OEM integrators.