Dual-Stage TOPTICA Isolators

Tunable Two-Stage Performance

  • Designed and manufactured by the laser experts of TOPTICA
  • High power damage threshold (4 kW/cm2)
  • Highest guaranteed isolation in industry, high transmission
  • Center wavelength coverage encompasses 640 - 1100 nm
  • All internal components angled 1° to eliminate back reflection

TOPTICA’s product line of Faraday Optical Isolators are specially designed and manufactured in-house by the laser experts of TOPTICA to give industry leading performance in dual stage configurations. Dual stage models provide at least 60 dB isolation and 80 % transmission (> 67 dB and > 90 % average) over individual wavelength ranges in total spanning 640 - 1100 nm.

All models are wavelength adjustable and can handle power densities up to 4 kW/cm2. These are the same components already used by TOPTICA in the industry-leading  DL pro, TA-SHG pro, and TA-FHG pro laser systems. The same superior isolators that make TOPTICA lasers the industry standard are now offered individually. Custom and OEM isolator requests are welcome.