ALS-IR Fiber Lasers & Amplifiers

Single frequency CW for your power hungry application

  • High power up to 130 W
  • Active noise reduction system
  • Turnkey, maintenance free, industrial-grade systems

Advanced quantum technology applications demand high performance and high power light sources. Be it gravitational wave detection or quantum computing.
The ALS-IR series is a range of lasers and amplifiers based on innovative fiber technology and represents a real breakthrough on the laser market especially over solid-state technologies. It combines the most stringent fiber laser specifications: high power, single mode, single frequency, ultra-low noise, to enable the most demanding applications.

Our products show ultra-low intensity noise compared to other laser technologies.
As an option, we propose the ANRS (Active Noise Reduction System) that allows an intensity noise reduction of >15 dB in the low frequencies.

The unique all-fibered architecture and the absence of complex cooling systems allows for reliability, robustness and efficient integration in industrial or academic setups.

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  • Specification

    Wavelength976 nm1012 .. 1028 nm1028 .. 1070 nm1070 .. 1085 nm1085 .. 1120 nm1535 .. 1570 nm
    Output powerUp to 10 WUp to 100 WUp to 130 WUp to 50 WUp to 10 WUp to 10 W
    Single frequency compatibleYes
    Input connectionFC/APC
    Min input power> 10 mW> 30 mW> 10 mW> 10 mW> 10 mW> 10 mW
    Spatial modeTEM00
    Beam qualityM² < 1.1
    Beam diameter « free space »1.0 ± 0.2 mm
    Long term power stability
    (CP mode of operation)
    < ± 0.5 %
    Noise [100 Hz - 10 MHz]< 0.01 % RMS
    Pointing stability< +/-2 µrad/°C
    Output polarizationVertically polarized > 300 : 1
    Output power tunability1 to 100 % (10 to 100 % recommended)
    Laser controlmulti-turn potentiometer, touch screen, analog voltage, remote control interface
  • Additional Information
  • Options

    The ALS-IR series can be supplied as lasers with the addition of the proper seed laser. Ask us for the best fit for your application.

    Rack cooling: Air-cooled or water-cooled. Note that some architecture must be associated with a water-cooled rack

    Fibered optical output: Up to 10W of power, the ALS-IR series can be supplied with a fibered output with a FC/APC connector

    Active Noise Reduction System: This noise eating option reduces the intensity noise even further (Typically -155dB/Hz between 1 kHz…10MHz). It must be implemented in a water-cooled rack.

    Remote Control Interface: This device enables a full remote control of the product via a GUI and a USB connection (read/write). Serial commands are available for integration in a supervision.

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