Difference Frequency Comb – DFC

  • Comb spacing: 80 MHz or 200 MHz
  • Stability: 8 · 10-18 in 1 s*, 5 · 10-20 in 1000 s*
  • Accuracy: 1 · 10-18 for τ > 100 s*
  • Integrated phase noise fCEO: < 65 mrad [70 mHz - 20 MHz]
  • Linewidth: < 1 Hz (locked to optical reference)
  • Turn-key, full remote control
  • Patented CERO (“zero-fCEO”) technology

* Phase-locked to optical reference

The DFC CORE + is a robust, 19 inch compatible optical frequency comb based on Erbium fiber technology. It is the core system for applications like optical clocks, micro wave generation or phase-locking of cw-lasers and can be equipped with additional wavelength extensions and options. Its unique fCEO-stabilization is based on Difference Frequency Generation (DFG) and comes with many advantages such as high robustness and ultra-low phase noise. The DFC CORE + features an outstanding stability and accuracy which is suitable for use with the best optical clocks. More than 20 years of engineering experience building high-quality scientific and industry-grade lasers went into its design, it’s a true TOPTICA laser.