TopWave 405

Cost-efficient, gas laser replacement – for easy, hands-off operation in lithography and holography applications

  • Low cost of operation
  • 1 Watt @ 405 nm   
  • Excellent beam quality,  typical M² = 1.15
  • Coherence length > 100 m

The TopWave 405 is the ideal replacement for the bulky and power hungry Krypton ion (406.7 nm and 413.1 nm) gas lasers commonly used in lithographic and holographic applications. The TopWave 405 provides 1 W output power at 405 nm combined with an excellent beam quality. Beam diameter and M² (typ. 1.15) are designed to match the established gas laser parameters, hence allow for an easy integration without significant changes to the optical system. The noticeably higher coherence length (> 100 m) results in a clear advantage with regard to stable pattern generation in interference lithography or holography.

Highest Efficiency – low cost of ownership

While gas lasers require several kilowatts of electrical power and cumbersome water-cooling, the “all‑semiconductor” TopWave 405 draws less than 100 W and does not require water-cooling to produce similar optical output power. This alone results in a significant reduction in cost of ownership. In addition, the user also benefits from longer service intervals and lower refurbishment costs.