ALS-VIS Fiber Lasers & Amplifiers

Industrial grade performances for highly demanding applications

  • High power up to 10 W
  • Ultra-low intensity noise
  • High pointing and beam quality stability
  • Turnkey, maintenance free, industrial-grade systems

Industrial applications like high performance metrology in the semicon industry or quantum computing require extremely stable, reliable and powerful laser sources.

The ALS-VIS series is a range of lasers and amplifiers based on innovative fiber technology and represents a real breakthrough on the laser market especially over solid-state technologies. It combines the most stringent fiber laser specifications: high power, single mode, single frequency, ultra-low noise, to enable the most demanding applications.

This product line is linked to our ALS-IR product line by single pass SHG. Our ALS-VIS laserheads are coolerless and this design enables outstanding beam pointing stability and consistent beam quality.

The unique all-fibered architecture and the absence of complex cooling systems allows for reliability, robustness and efficient integration in industrial or academic setups.

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  • Specification

    Wavelength488 nm506 .. 513 nm514 .. 545 nm545 .. 560 nm768 .. 785 nm
    Output powerUp to 2 WUp to 2 WUp to 10 WUp to 3 WUp to 5 W
    Single frequency compatibleYes
    Input connectionFC/APC
    Min. input power> 10 mW> 30 mW> 10 mW> 10 mW> 10 mW
    Spatial modeTEM00
    Beam qualityM² < 1.1
    Beam diameter « free space »1.0 ± 0.2 mm
    Long term power stability (CP mode of operation)< ± 0.5 %
    Noise [100 Hz - 10 MHz]< 0.02 % RMS
    Pointing stability< +/-2 µrad/°C
    Output polarizationVertically polarized > 300 : 1
    Output power tunability1 to 100 % (10 to 100 % recommended)
    Laser controlMulti-turn potentiometer, Touch screen, Analog voltage, Remote Control Ready
  • Additional Information
  • Options

    The ALS-VIS series can be supplied as lasers with the addition of the proper seed laser. Ask us for the best fit for your application.

    Dual output laserhead: This option gives the user access to the non-converted IR that is available after the single pass SHG arrangement in the laserhead. This single mode, single frequency and ultra-low noise IR signal is injected in a second laserhead and goes through a >35dB isolator.

    Rack cooling: Air-cooled or water-cooled. Note that some architecture must be associated with a water-cooled rack

    Remote Control Interface: This device enables a full remote control of the product via a GUI and a USB connection (read/write). Serial commands are available for integration in a supervision.

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