Universal Fiber Coupler

  • Convenient and straight-forward adjustment
  • Exceptional stability (patented flexure hinge design)
  • Highest single-mode coupling efficiency (up to 90 %)
  • 6 independent alignment axes (2 x X/Y, Z, Theta)
  • For both TOPTICA and third party laser systems

The FiberDockTM is an easy-to-use fiber coupler, suitable for both TOPTICA laser systems and third party lasers. Its patented design (US 7,321,706, EP 1,666,944) enables highest coupling efficiencies, combined with an impressive long-term stability. Based on the individual laser parameters such as wavelength (range 350 nm to 2800 nm), beam diameter and the mode field diameter of the coupled fiber, a suitable focusing lens is selected and integrated inside the FiberDockTM.

TOPTICA offers various Fiber Delivery (FD) options based on FiberDock for our tunable diode lasers with specified PER up to 20 dB.