Diode laser and ultrafast fiber lasers for Laser Precision Microfabrication

Laser sources for a multitude of demanding applications

Nowadays lasers have become a standard tool in industrial material processing. The field of applications ranges from scribing, cutting or drilling various materials like glass, solar cells, wafers, metal sheets,  or polymers, to micro- and nanostructuring via photochemical processes. Toptica provides Ultrafast as well as CW lasers at different wavelengths to serve OEM integrators in driving advanced applications.

Our picosecond and femtosecond seed lasers FemtoFYb and PicoFYb drive MOPA (master oscillator, power amplifier) lasers or regenerative amplifier systems for micromachining. The excellent amplitude and frequency jitter parameters of those highly reliable seed lasers enable our customers building state-of-the art multi-Watt industrial laser systems.

TOPTICA's high-power single-frequency CW diode lasers are ideal coherent laser sources for a multitude of demanding applications driven by our OEM customers. One example is the manufacturing of high-quality optics for Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) or Mixed Reality (MR), in which Toptica laser help producing ultra-precise optical gratings to fabricate hologram projections or holographic safety features.
 Delivering 1W @ 405nm TOPTICA’s HoloLitho 405 is enabling highest throughput in grating production or maskless lithography, while permitting easy, hands-off and remote operation in the often sensitive environments of holography, interferometry, and lithography.  

In ultrafast the microJoule 250 femtoseconds FemtoFiber vario 1030 does not only provide superior temporal and spatial beam quality but permits advanced beam steering options by providing a tunable repetition rate down to single pulse on demand – enabling completely new scan systems with freely chosen writing patterns.

Many of the above applications still use gas lasers, which require several kilowatts of electrical power and cumbersome water cooling. TOPTICA's semiconductor laser and fiber based systems need no water cooling while providing the required power level and beam quality.  Next to achieving a significant reduction in cost of ownership, the user also benefits from longer service intervals and lower refurbishment costs.  Hence, the Toptica laser solutions outperform commonly used gas lasers in terms of wall-plug efficiency, footprint, lifetime and costs of consumables.