FINE (feedback induced noise eraser)

Reduces power instabilities of diode lasers

  • Elimination of feedback induced power instabilities
  • Intensity noise reduction
  • Purely electronic feature - no additional hardware such as optical isolators necessary
  • Push of a button functionality
  • Integrated in all iBeam smart diode lasers

Power instabilities and high noise levels are common, when there is a tendency for optical feedback in the set-up (e.g. back reflections from fiber end-facets or from highly reflective samples).  The Feedback Induced Noise Eraser (FINE) of TOPTICA's iBeam smart lasers eliminates this problem. A simple push of a button makes these lasers ultra-stable against optical feedback. Customers save time and costs, by making re-alignment and optical isolators unnecessary.

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iBeam smart PT (DC)
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