DFB – Distributed Feedback Diodes

  • Turnkey single-frequency operation (built-in grating)
  • Wavelengths from 633 .. 3500 nm available
  • Frequency tuning via temperature and current
  • Mode-hop-free scans up to 1400 GHz
  • Diodes sold separately and in DFB pro systems

Distributed feedback (DFB) laser diodes feature a grating structure within the semiconductor and thus operate in both longitudinal and transverse single mode. Tuning is achieved by modulating either the laser current or the chip temperature. Mode-hop free tuning is maintained over several hundred GHz. Applications include alkaline spectroscopy, laser cooling, gas detection and the generation of tunable cw terahertz radiation.

DFB/DBR laser diodes may be integrated into a DFB pro.