Compact Saturation Spectroscopy

Doppler Free Spectroscopy

  • Compact module for Doppler free absorption spectra
  • For laser stabilization
  • With magnetic field compensation
  • Triple filling with Rb, Cs and K
  • Enables long term stability better than 10-9

CoSy generates both purely Doppler-free and purely Doppler-broadened absorption saturation spectra, which can be fed directly to appropriate stabilization electronics. CoSy can conveniently be used for top-of-fringe stabilization with a modulation technique (bandwidth 50 kHz .. 1 MHz). The CoSy module helps the customer save time and space in his experiment. The absorption cell of the Cosy is filled with Rb, Cs and K and serves as a frequency reference for Rb, Cs and K frequencies from a single device.