HighFinesse Laser Spectrum Analyzer

Compact and Robust Spectrometers with Fully Customizable Range and Resolution Parameters, Able to Measure Pulsed and Continuous Lasers at High Measurement Speeds

  • Up to 500 Hz measurement speed
  • Resolving power R = 20,000 (31 pm @633 nm)
  • Instruments available for 192 - 11,000 nm
  • Wavelength accuracy: 6 GHz (8 pm @633 nm)

The grating based HighFinesse Laser Spectrum Analyzers offer the capability for a very accurate simultaneous measurement of both the center wavelength and the linewidth of a laser source with a compact and versatile instrument.

The product series covers the ranges from 192 nm to 11,000 nm. The grating based technology allows the analysis of laser sources over a large linewidth range. Utilizing the principle of non-moving parts just like the well-known HighFinesse WS-series wavemeters, the LSA offers the time-tested robustness and ability to measure both pulsed and cw lasers.

  • Specification

    LSA Series
    • pulsed & cw lasers:
      non-moving parts
    • Remote network access
    • software integration
      Absolute Accuracy [GHz] Resolving Power [R = λ/Δλ] Spectral Resolution  [Δλ = λ/R] Measurement Speed [Hz] Wavelength Ranges [nm]
    LSA 6 20000 e.g. 31.65 pm @633 nm 500 (Data Acquisition) 192 - 2250


    LSA IR-III Series
    • pulsed & cw lasers:
      non-moving parts
    • Remote network access
    • software integration
      Absolute Accuracy [nm] Spectral Resolution  [nm] Measurement Speed [Hz] Wavelength Ranges [µm] Calibration
    LSA IR-III Type 2-3 1 15 100 1.4 - 3 see IR-HeNe
    LSA IR-III Type 2-6 2 20 100 1.4 - 6 see IR-HeNe
    LSA IR-III Type 2-11 5 30 100 1.4 - 11 see IR-HeNe
  • Options

    External Trigger

    All wavelength meters detect and measure pulsed signals automatically. Additionally, this option allows the user to trigger pulsed measurements externally. The TTL option guarantees synchronization between pulsed excitation and measurement.


    In order to measure the frequencies of more than just one laser at a time, an opto-mechanical switch is used. The combination of our high-speed wavelength meters with one of the quickest fiber switches (MEMS) available allows up to eight channels to be measured almost simultaneously.

    External Calibration

    Standard HighFinesse wavelength meters up to an absolute accuracy of 60 MHz feature autocalibration via an integrated calibration source. This guarantees the accuracy and stability of measurements with our wavelength meters. For the higher accuracies we offer a variety of frequency stabilized, narrow linewidth, laser sources with up to ± 10 kHz frequency stability for different applications.


  • Downloads

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