Lasers for Astronomy & Geology

Observing the universe, analyzing the atmosphere, measuring distances

TOPTICA's products for astronomy and geology

Lasers can be used for a variety of applications to study objects ranging from nanometer scale, via micro- or macroscopic size, even towards galaxies and the universe. For example artificial guide stars are required to optimize the spatial resolution of Earth-based telescopes. These artificial stars can be created using TOPTICA's guide star laser SodiumStar. This system has been decorated with the Berthold Leibinger innovation price for Laser Research in 2016.

Also several applications to study the Earth's atmosphere rely on state-of-the-art laser technology. For example LIDAR uses lasers to measure a variety of parameters, e.g. pressure, temperature, humidity, gas concentrations or optical properties. LIDAR also enables distance measurement, which can also realized with laser rangefinders or laser trackers.

Single-Frequency Diode Lasers
Single-Mode Diode Lasers