FemtoFErb 1560 FD6.5

Compact, pigtailed Er fiber laser

  • 6.5 meter fiber length (standard)
  • Single-mode, polarization-maintaining fibers
  • Dispersion compensation integrated in laser head
  • Short pulses (typ. 50 fs) at fiber output
  • FC/APC connectors on external fibers, detachable

The FemtoFErb 1560 FD6.5 provides excellent pulse characteristics after several meters output fiber (default 6.5 meters). This option allows replacing complex beam delivery setups by flexible and convenient optical fiber solutions. The FemtoFErb 1560 FD6.5 provides a laser ideally suited for time-domain THz applications. Further applications benefiting from the most stable, compact and cost-effective FemtoFErb 1560 FD6.5 are e.g. medical applications like endoscopy, metrology systems or optical inspection systems where a flexible beam delivery is required.

  • Specification

    Wavelength 1560 nm ± 10 nm
    Pulse Width < 60 fs (typ. 50 fs)
    Laser Output Power > 80 mW (typ. 90 mW)
    Repetition Rate 100 MHz (standard, other on request)

    Linear polarization PER > 15 dB (typ.)
    Beam shape TEM00, M² < 1.2
    Output coupling SM/PM 1550 FC/APC patch cable with plastic tubing, 6.5m standard length,
    detachable; other fiber lengths on request
    Trigger Signal (SMA connector) > 100 mV @ 50 Ohm (300 MHz BW), negative
    Dimensions laser head (HxWxD) 69 x 122 x 202 mm3
    Weight laser head < 2.2 kg
    Power supply 12 VDC
    Power consumption < 20 Watt
    Interfaces TTL control lines, Switchbox (optional) or remote control (USB)
    Environment temperature 15 - 40 °C (operating), 0 - 40 °C (storage and transport)
    Environment humidity Non-condensing
  • Additional Information
  • Options
    • QuTE-Technology for soft start (recommended for THz applications: option “THz“)
    • Fiber collimator for collimated beam output (option “FiberOut FF smart“)
    • Fiber patch cable with mechanical protection (metal jacket)
    • Different repetition rate on request


    Different output fiber lengths (up to 25 meters) on request
    Shortest pulses available even after 25m fiber delivery (FemtoFErb 1560 FD25 customized system, dual output ports with 50:50 power split ratio)


    The FemtoFiber smart SwitchBox is a small tool for quick starters. It provides all switches, supply and status lines to run every FemtoFiber smart as a stand-alone system without integration environment and therefore is especially recommended for single-system users.

    TOPAS: Graphical User Interface
    The new TOPAS GUI allows to operate the FemtoFErb 1560 in a convenient way via USB. All you need is to download and install the setup wizard program (see Download section).

  • Applications
    • PicoFYb 1030: Seeding of Yb:YAG amplifiers
    • PicoFYb 1064: Seeding of Nd: YVO4 amplifiers
    • FemtoFYb 1030-400: Seeding of Yb:YAG amplifiers
    • FemtoFYb 1030-800: Seeding of Yb:YAG amplifiers
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