TeraFlash smart

Ultrafast Time-Domain Terahertz Platform – Fast measurements of complete terahertz waveforms with 1600 pulse traces / sec

  • 1600 pulse traces / sec
  • Proprietary and patented ECOPS technology
  • Robust design, no mechanical delay line
  • Time-domain dynamic range: 50 dB in < 1 ms, 80 dB in 1 s
  • Spectral bandwidth: 3 THz in < 1 ms, 4 THz in 1 s

TOPTICA’s TeraFlash smart utilizes a proprietary scheme dubbed ECOPS ("electronically controlled optical sampling"). The system comprises two synchronized femtosecond lasers, eliminating the need for a mechanical delay. This results in extremely high measurement speeds: the TeraFlash smart acquires 1600 complete terahertz waveforms per second, enabling terahertz-based thickness gauging at unprecedented speed. The system thus lends itself to measurements on rapidly moving samples, e.g. conveyor belts, papermaking machines, or extrusion lines. Learn more about TOPTICA's advanced terahertz solutions.