Lasers for Nearfield Chemical Imaging

Combining scanning microscopy with near field spectroscopy from deep UV to mid-IR

Several modern microscopy techniques provide the possibility of chemical nondestructive imaging with a resolution of several nanometers. By combining scanning microscopy like AFM with near field spectroscopy, the chemical contrast of nanosized features becomes visible. Examples of these technologies are Raman and fluorescence SNOM, TERS, SERS and scattering SNOM.

By using a metal coated AFM tip the enhanced measurement signal can be mainly generated in an extremely small area between the tip and the sample. The resolution is primarily influenced by the tip apex and even with terahertz radiation a spatial resolution of 10 nm can be achieved. 

TOPTICA's offer

TOPTICA supports these techniques by providing excellent suitable lasers for the complete wavelength range from deep UV to mid-IR to detect as many as possible material properties. For example the FemtoFiber dichro midIR is the only commercially available broadband laser providing the complete wavelength range of 5 to 15 µm which gives access to the so called fingerprint region of an IR spectrum.