TOPTICA Presents Advanced FemtoFiber Ultra Series

The Perfect Ultrafast Laser Solution for Multi-Photon Microscopy, Two-Photon Lithography and Semiconductor Inspection.

TOPTICA, a global leader in laser technology, is proud to present the FemtoFiber ultra series, the next generation of femtosecond fiber lasers designed specifically for…

Spectroscopy and Sensing Applications with smart CW Mid-IR Laser

Advancing Spectroscopy and Sensing Applications with TOPTICA's TOPO smart CW Mid-IR Laser.

In the fast-changing scientific landscape, the need for precise, efficient, and cost-effective spectroscopic tools is increasingly critical. The TOPO smart, a continuous wave (CW) mid-infrared (mid-IR) laser,…

TOPTICA Photonics Strengthens its Presence in France with Direct Sales and Service Operations

As of January 1, 2024, TOPTICA’s French subsidiary TOPTICA Photonics SAS takes over the sales of TOPTICA products in France.

This will strengthen the collaboration between French scientific or industrial customers and TOPTICA by offering a direct link between the partners.

New Frequency Comb Can Identify Molecules in 20-Nanosecond Snapshots

Laser-based system now has the ability to capture moment-to-moment details of high-speed processes such as hypersonic propulsion and protein folding.

A new frequency comb setup can capture the moment-by-moment details of carbon dioxide gas escaping from a nozzle at supersonic speeds in an…

Lasers for Multi-wavelength Digital Holography

TOPTICA introduces new wavelengths at 445 nm and 447 nm in its TopMode single-frequency diode laser series.

TOPTICA’s TopMode lasers operate as easily as a HeNe, but also offer higher power and the choice of wavelength. The TopMode series sets records in terms of power, coherence and wavelength…

Honoring Excellence in Degenerate Quantum Gases Research

The TOPTICA BEC Awards 2023 go to Prof. Monika Aidelsburger, Prof. Tilman Pfau, Prof. Wilhelm Zwerger, and Prof. Alexander Fetter.

The award ceremony took place during this year’s Bose-Einstein Condensation (BEC) conference in Sant Feliu de Guixols (Spain), a biennial international conference on…



TOPTICA以提供市场上波长覆盖范围广泛的激光器,即使是在特殊波长 :190 nm - 0.1 THz (corresponding to 3 mm) 也能提供高功率激光器。