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· Allows external asynchronous digital modulation
· Modulation bandwidth up to 250 MHz
· Emission wavelength will be selected to better than ± 1 nm within the standard wavelength range of the laser system
PLEASE NOTE: please inquire, to make sure actual center wavelength is available! Increased lead-time is probable.
· Available at 405 nm, 488 nm and 640 nm
· Typical bandwidth: 6-10 nm
· Coupling efficiency typ. >75%
· Fiber collimator with variable focus
· Including collimation lens
· Typical beam sizes out of SM-fibers: 0.6 mm - 3.5 mm (1/e², diameter)
· Available for iBeam smart 375nm - 515nm
· Add-On will reduce linewidth to typ. < 0.1nm
· With add-on, the output power will be typically 50% of original iBeam smart power specification.
· Input: 100-240VAC
· Output: 12VDC/5A
· Allows direct mounting of iBeam smart to a breadboard
· Beam height will be 40 mm with this adapter
· CDRH compliant with key switch, external connectors and manual switches for easy access to iBeam smart features
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