TopWave 257

Industrial cw UV Lasers

  • 15 mW @ 257 nm
  • Excellent lifetime (> 10000 h)
  • Turnkey, highly efficient gas laser replacement
  • Consistent, diffraction limited beam quality (M² < 1.3) over full lifetime
  • Sealed doubling cavity with automatic crystal shifter

Matching the wavelength of legacy, frequency-doubled Argon Ion lasers, the TopWave 257 is an exciting new choice for deep UV applications in semicon inspection and optics testing, where only lower optical output power is required, or even appreciated.

The future-proof concept of the TopWave 257 is far ahead of the outdated gas laser systems in terms of environmental friendliness and operating costs. Due to its high wall-plug efficiency, it does not require massive water-cooling and the power consumption is less than 1% of a gas laser, resulting in over 99.9% savings in utility costs.

The compact footprint and low heat dissipation of the TopWave 257 laser head allow for easy integration in space restricted and temperature sensitive application environments. Comfortable, hands-off operation over the system lifetime (typ. 10,000 hrs) is ensured by fully automated optimization routines for the internal opto-mechanics. In order to provide best reliability and consistent, diffraction limited beam quality (M² < 1.3), the complete UV beam path is enclosed in a specially sealed compartment.

With its state-of-the-art laser controller the TopWave 257 offers a wide range of options for operation. While laboratory users might prefer the controller's easy to use touchscreen interface or the TOPAS PC GUI, system integrators will appreciate the comprehensive command language that enables smooth integration with central control software.