CERO-technology at a glance


  • 用Er3 +光纤振荡器和非线性光纤生成宽带超连续谱
  • 非线性晶体中超连续谱上下频谱部分之间的差分频率生成
  • 两个光谱部分具有相同的fCEO
  • 由此产生的梳状结构是载波包络相位稳定的,并且fCEO固定为零
  • TOPTICA专利(DE102004022037)

相对于传统的f-至-2f干涉仪方法,无源全光学fCEO稳定性具有明显的优势。频率计量领域的几个主要参与者已经指出了这一点(Krauss等人,Opt. Lett, 36,540(2011))。 被动稳定的重要优点是不受电子噪声的限制。 另外,不需要载体包络偏移偏移节拍对准或复杂的漂移补偿,并且不存在载体包络偏移锁定电子器件大大降低了电子封装的复杂性。 能进行调整的参数是DFC的重复率。 它可以很容易地稳定到任何合适的射频(RF)参考。

Advantages of CERO technology

200 MHz的有效锁定带宽



  • DFG in the literature

    TOPTICAs frequency comb DFC shows quadratic scaling of the phase noise with frequency. This textbook like behavior has been shown to a remarkable degree. The DFC behaves like an elastic tape with a true fixpoint at zero. An ideal system to be combined with an optical reference. Characterization of a DFG comb showing quadratic scaling of the phase noise with frequency, T. Puppe et al., Optics Letters Vol. 41, Issue 8 (2016)

    “The DFG comb possesses a vanishing carrier envelope offset frequency that permits the construction of a simple and thus potentially more stable optical clockwork.Zimmermann, Gohle, Holzwarth, Udem and Hänsch, Opt. Lett., 29, 310 (2004)

    “This all passive approach provides extremely reliable and rigid locking of fCEO on both short and long time scales”, Krauss, Fehrenbacher, Brida, Riek, Sell, Huber, and Leitenstorfer, Opt. Lett., 36, 540 (2011)

    “… in this nonlinear process the phases of the two pulses add up with different signs, leading to CEP cancellation and resulting in passive, all-optical phase stabilization.”Manzoni, Cerullo, and De Silvestri, Opt. Lett., 29, 2668 (2004)

    “The unique feature … is that fCEO of the DF is zero without any servo-loop feedback system; i.e., the waveform is self-stabilized in the resultant pulse train.” “The generated phase-stable pulses may - after preamplification - be suitable for seeding high-gain Ti:sapphire amplifiers and (or) the oscillator itself.”Fuji, Apolonski and Krausz, Opt. Lett., 29, 632 (2004)

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